Special guest Terry Heaton, Executive Producer for the 700 Club in the 1980’s, shares his unique insight into Pat Robertson, the Religious Right and why 80% of white Evangelicals voted for Trump. Also, commentary on today’s news, and the Arizona Senate candidate who wants to put an end to American diversity.

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Terry Heaton was the Executive Producer of The 700 Club during the 1980’s, up to and including Pat Robertson’s run for President in 1988. His book, The GOSPEL OF SELF: How Pat Robertson Stole the Soul of the GOP, is a unique insight into how original thinking at CBN led to the creation of a right wing news product and how Robertson shaped the agenda for the political right from his anchor chair at The 700 Club. His commentary is thoughtful and refreshing, largely because he was present as Christian Conservatism was being developed, and he reminds us that “Before Fox News, there was CBN News.” Follow Terry on Twitter @TerryHeaton

Read more and order the book at http://www.orbooks.com/catalog/gospel-self-terry-heaton/.




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