Hosts Christina Forrester and Justin Anderson host an interfaith all-star panel for this week’s episode of “What Would Jesus Pod?” – we had an incredible panel where we talked about how we combat the racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, etc that is rampant at this moment.
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Rabbi Emily Langowitz – Rabbi Emily Langowitz is the Assistant Rabbi at Temple Solel in Paradise Valley  (Fourth voice speaking) by

Deedra Abboud – Attorney & social justice advocate; Arizona Democratic Party Vice Chair (Second voice speaking)

Katie Sexton –  Executive Director of the Arizona Interfaith Network and former Senior Pastor of Coolwater Christian church in Scottsdale, AZ (Third voice speaking)

Khalil Rushdan – Community partnership coordinator for the ACLU AZ – campaign for smart justice  (First voice speaking)

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Christina Forrester – Founder & Director of Christian Democrats of America. Twitter/Instagram/Youtube: @Christinaof9
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