Trump Desecrates Sacred Symbols

President Donald Trump holds a Bible as he visits outside St. John's Church across Lafayette Park from the White House Monday, June 1, 2020, in Washington. Part of the church was set on fire during protests on Sunday night. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Contribution by Linda Seger, ThD Recently, Trump stood with two sacred

A Conversation with Tom Steyer

Interview with American billionaire, philanthropist, environmentalist, liberal activist and founder of the Need to Impeach movement, Tom Steyer. We talk Need to Impeach, Mueller report, the Religious Right, the alignment of liberal and Christian values and the 2020 Democratic field. "It does come down in a simple way to taking care of the most vulnerable,

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 13: Tribute to John McCain and Interview with GA House Candidate Josh McCall

Josh McCall, Georgia 9th District House WWJP Episode 13 features an interview with CDA-endorsed Georgia House District 9 Candidate Josh McCall, an outspoken Christian Democratic candidate, and coverage of the new hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico. Also a special tribute to Senator John McCain. The place where REAL Christian values meets

Breaking Religious Peer Pressure: Christian Democrats, the Church and the Vicky Beeching Story

For many years now, I have received daily messages from people of all ages, in all areas of the country, who have been living under the oppression of religious peer-pressure. The message is so familiar I have it memorized at this point – their church, and many times family, support a very conservative brand of

Christian Against Trump…Christians Against Hate

The vitriol, anger and hate in our country has reached a new proportion and it is time for it to stop. We must stand up and tell the world that a majority of Christians in this country who are following the teachings of Christ have had enough – it is time to stop the hate. From

The Crumbling of the Old “Moral Majority”

A "Religious Left" is gaining in momentum and number across the country in even the most unlikely places and circles. Christian Democrats of America has been on the forefront of this movement and we are now seeing a shift in tone and rhetoric. It is heartening to see articles like this one and see leaders

A New Day, A New Year

Broo_am (Andy B) As we see a difficult year for so many of God's children in our country and in our world come to a close, we hold on to hope of what this New Year, and election year, will bring. There are many unknowns, so many election battles, so much division -

How are we as Christians perceived by the world?

How are we as Christians perceived by the world? by "CeeGee" 2/27/2013 2:00 pm EST Having had the opportunity, in the professional world, to walk among people of many different backgrounds, I have come to wrestle the perceptions of my Christianity I encounter and reactions that both unbelievers and I have towards Christians. I have