No One Died at The Phony Crisis of Obamacare

This article by Dean Baker at Huffington Post summarizes the truth about the Affordable Care Act well - it isn't perfect, but it is not the apocalypse. In fact, it is going to help millions of Americans in the states where governors and Republican representatives are not fighting against it. In the states that are

Arizona passes Medicaid expansion, despite conservative opposition

Miracles DO happen. Despite a Republican ruled legislature, and with the support of a Republican Governor who, until now, has been one of the most radical-right governors in the country, Arizona has passed the Obamacare Medicaid expansion plan. The measure will provide healthcare for 350,000 uninsured, low-income Arizonans. In an unprecedented move, Gov. Jan Brewer decided to

Texas Legislature Passes Measure To Prevent Medicaid Expansion

Straight from the oldest written book of the Bible, we are given a great understanding of the fear of God. This is for Gov. Perry, the Texas Republican legislature, and all the others in states who are blocking the needy from receiving life-saving medical care... Do you truly not tremble before God? Job 31: 16-23

GOP Governors and Medicaid expansion, state-by-state

  Via: The Advisory Board Company We applaud the news that Republican Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, has agreed to accept the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion in his state. Several other GOP Governors have made the same move, of caring more about the citizens of their states than political bonus points from the