Who Can Beat Trump in 2020? What Christian Progressives Are Saying

Discussion on the Christian Democrats 2020 survey results, the 2020 field of candidates and issues facing the country and will impeachment hurt or help Democrats? With special guest Raoul Davis, brand strategist, former political operative and CDA advisory board member. A Closing Remarks message by Christina Forrester bringing "good news" on the power of living

A Conversation with Tom Steyer

Interview with American billionaire, philanthropist, environmentalist, liberal activist and founder of the Need to Impeach movement, Tom Steyer. We talk Need to Impeach, Mueller report, the Religious Right, the alignment of liberal and Christian values and the 2020 Democratic field. "It does come down in a simple way to taking care of the most vulnerable,

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 27: Conversation with John Pavlovitz – the Real “War on Christmas” Is Not What You’ve Heard It Is

Order the new book: "Hope and Other Superpowers" at JohnPavlovitz.com In this episode: Conversation with Pastor, author, speaker John Pavlovitz  What we learned in our trip to the San Diego border - Caravan of Compassion update The real meaning of "Merry Christmas" See you next year! More on the "Wall of Voices" project

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 26 – The “Politics” of the Opioid & Suicide Crisis: Interview with author of “Saving Jenny”

In this episode: In-depth interview with "Vivian Percy" - a Manhattan attorney who wrote a scathing expose' of the current state of the rehab/drug treatment industry -- including Big Pharma's role in the now widespread Opioid crisis facing our country. She used this nom de plume to protect both her daughter's identity as well as her

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 25: What Author Brian McLaren Thinks is “A Better Way to be a Christian”

https://brianmclaren.net/ In this episode: In-depth interview on current issues/news, theology and what it means to "seek a better way to be a Christian" with author, speaker and theologian Brian McLaren  UPDATE on The Caravan of Compassion Project and news on refugee/border crisis: "the suffering is right at our door" What on earth is going

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 24: “I Say Unto You…Tear Gas the Children?”

In this episode: "I Say to You: Tear gas the children, pepper-spray the stranger"...? Caravan to Meet the Caravan: The Caravan of Compassion Project Thanksgiving in America, 2018 Reaction to Franklin Graham selling pro-Trump t-shirts at the Billy Graham bookstore in our Religious Right Roundup Closing Remarks: What does Jesus say is the standard of

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 22: Election Rundown and Debate!

In this episode: Election results rundown and debate! Trump in panic mode Religious Right Roundup: Billy Graham's legacy on his 100th birthday and Franklin Graham Closing Remarks: A Message to the "Values Voter" Host Christina Forrester, Founder/Director of Christian Democrats of America (ChristianDems.org), and Co-Host, Justin Anderson, CDA Multimedia Director and Election contributor, tackle current

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 19: An Ungodly Administration

Hosts Christina Forrester, Founder/Director of Christian Democrats of America (ChristianDems.org), and Justin Anderson, Multimedia Director and Politics Contributor, tackle current issues and news from a fresh perspective. The place where real Christian values meets politics. In this episode: Voter suppression Trump administration's attitude towards minorities Jamal Khashoggi The Religious Right Roundup: Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell.