Breaking Religious Peer Pressure: Christian Democrats, the Church and the Vicky Beeching Story

For many years now, I have received daily messages from people of all ages, in all areas of the country, who have been living under the oppression of religious peer-pressure. The message is so familiar I have it memorized at this point – their church, and many times family, support a very conservative brand of

A New Day, A New Year

Broo_am (Andy B) As we see a difficult year for so many of God's children in our country and in our world come to a close, we hold on to hope of what this New Year, and election year, will bring. There are many unknowns, so many election battles, so much division -

How are we as Christians perceived by the world?

How are we as Christians perceived by the world? by "CeeGee" 2/27/2013 2:00 pm EST Having had the opportunity, in the professional world, to walk among people of many different backgrounds, I have come to wrestle the perceptions of my Christianity I encounter and reactions that both unbelievers and I have towards Christians. I have