America the Fearful: Can Covid-19 Unite Instead of Further Divide Us?

by Christina Forrester This health, economic and social crisis has come upon us here in America at a time when we are sharply divided. Political and social tribalism, helped out by social media, is at its peak. Cancel culture is rampant, families are split apart, entire religious denominations are split apart and non-denominational churches throughout

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 13: Tribute to John McCain and Interview with GA House Candidate Josh McCall

Josh McCall, Georgia 9th District House WWJP Episode 13 features an interview with CDA-endorsed Georgia House District 9 Candidate Josh McCall, an outspoken Christian Democratic candidate, and coverage of the new hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico. Also a special tribute to Senator John McCain. The place where REAL Christian values meets

A New Day, A New Year

Broo_am (Andy B) As we see a difficult year for so many of God's children in our country and in our world come to a close, we hold on to hope of what this New Year, and election year, will bring. There are many unknowns, so many election battles, so much division -

When I came to the United States of America…

When I came to the United States, I expected the Republican Party to be a political voice for  Christians. I did not agree with their platform – when Barack Obama won the elections in 2008, I was among the many cheering ones in Berlin. And George W. Bush to me was a red flag from

Occupy Wall Street rediscovers the radical imagination

The people are finally beginning to really rise up, and we hope this turns into a large-scale movement across all the country - "overturning the tables," so to speak. Stand up against greed! Stand up against corruption! Stand up FOR compassion, the working Americans, unemployed, and the large percentage of Americans in poverty. OCCUPY. Why

House delays vote on GOP debt-limit bill

So what happened last night? Was this a meeting, circus, complete destruction of any kind of diplomacy and governing or just a pizza party? We apologize for sounding sarcastic, this is just starting to get a bit ridiculous. Just pray President Obama will take action in forcing a lift on the debt-ceiling so we can