States crack down on pet abuse

Great news - too bad it has taken so long, but we will continue to pray and fight for rights and protection of all animals and domestic violence victims. (Excerpt from - read the full story here) States crack down on pet abuse to protect women In every state, pets are considered property under

Cities Facing Long Wait for Jobs to Return

Some people just can't wait a decade. We need a House and Senate that will provide cooperation with the Obama Administration's ideas and plans - stop playing politics with people's lives! Join us in praying for these cities, and families without work, and supporting real solutions to job growth that don't involve giving more breaks

Death toll in Joplin twister rises by 6 to 132

Please join us in continued prayer for Joplin and all the other areas affected by the tornado and severe weather disasters. If possible, support the relief efforts - here's a link to local direct relief. The death toll from the tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., on Sunday rose to 132 following the discovery of six more bodies,

Searches Restart in Deadliest U.S. Tornado in 60 Years

Please pray for Joplin and the other areas now in danger again - visit the American Red Cross or Salvation Army to donate to the relief efforts for victims or Google "Joplin relief." JOPLIN, Mo. — The sun shone for the first time in days on this battered city Tuesday, lifting spirits even as rescue