One in eight of world population going hungry: U.N.

The numbers are better, but, as the article says, this is still unacceptable. We have much work to do and pray! Children gather in a poor neighbourhood in the Mawzaa village of the southern Yemeni province of Taiz July 1, 2012.Credit: Reuters/Khaled Abdullah (Reuters) - One out of every eight people in the

Can cause of social justice tame our culture wars?

LOVE this article and consider CDOA a part of this movement bringing Biblical change in our country...But this isn't a NEW "Jesus movement." It is the original, scriptural, back to the basic truths of His teaching, movement....and REVIVAL! "The poor will NOT always be with us!" Thus proclaims a freshly launched Christian campaign to end

News Flash Paul Ryan: This is Mass Unemployment, Not a Siesta

This is a wonderful blog from Elizabeth Palmer, writer for Sojourners, that we had to share with you. The moral and spiritual implications of the proposed budget cuts from Republicans would be far-reaching and unacceptable in America. Jesus took this kind of thing seriously, and we as his followers should also. Proverbs 17:“He who mocks

For blacks, a health care divide

We know there is an unjust and immoral economic divide in the country when it comes to health care - this article makes a good case for an obvious racial divide as well. Health care is a human right! America will not be blessed as we could be until all people have opportunity for health,