American Values Start with Health Care

Below is a piece from a new article in Sojourners magazine and blog about the possibility of the Affordable Care Act, i.e. "Obamacare, being struck down in the Supreme court. The healthcare law is not perfect - we were critical that it did not go far enough to help uninsured Americans and those caught in

Agreement on Debt Talks: Health Groups Dislike Proposals

It will take EVERYONE standing up for the values we believe in to see justice in our health system and to make sure cuts don't happen. Health care is a basic human need and right - if you are pro-life, that means you are pro-health-care-for-all! From NY Times: WASHINGTON — Budget negotiators have not found

For blacks, a health care divide

We know there is an unjust and immoral economic divide in the country when it comes to health care - this article makes a good case for an obvious racial divide as well. Health care is a human right! America will not be blessed as we could be until all people have opportunity for health,