Alabama enacts anti-illegal-immigration law described as nation’s strictest

More anti-immigrant, anti-social justice legislation...Without thought to the needs of immigrants, a solution to the real problems, compassion, or the fact that discrimination is being fully legalized. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley speaks before signing into law what critics and supporters are calling the strictest bill in the nation cracking down on illegal immigration. (Mickey Welsh /

Weiner apologizes for lying, ‘terrible mistakes,’ refuses to resign

Another saddening situation during a string of unethical behavior discoveries and admissions in the last few weeks. We are glad Rep. Weiner stepped up with this admission and apology. He has fully admitted his wrong and immoral behavior without justification. Let's hope all the others who have done worse would feel convicted and do the

Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Law Curbing Unions

Victory for the Unions Fight and for our democratic, lawful processes. The Wis State Senate and Gov Scott Walker clearly violated not just the will of the people, but the law and constitution itself. We stand with the Democrats of this region to see a transfer of leadership next year! From NY Times: Ruling that

Senate rejects Ryan budget; vote puts GOP on the spot

CDOA Response: "So glad the Senate forced this vote, so that each and every one who voted for this disgraceful budget plan can now be held accountable to their districts. This is going to make a difference in 2012!" Senate Democrats forced a vote Wednesday on the controversial fiscal plan drafted by House Budget chief Paul Ryan,

Local election with national consequences?

Republicans are beginning to pay the price for trying to kill Medicare and other programs... By: CNN's Deirdre Walsh, Kate Bolduan and Paul Steinhauser (CNN) - It's election day in a once little-talked-about contest to fill a vacant congressional seat in upstate New York, that is now firmly in the national political spotlight. And over the past