Poverty and Wage Inequality: Where is the Moral Outrage?!

In reading a new report conducted by MSNBC and Matt Black on poverty in America, I feel the need to ask the question: where is the moral and spiritual outrage?! In the midst of many Christians in America being so focused on same-sex marriage and "religious freedom" controversies, we have an epidemic of poverty and

The Line: Who DIDN’T Win the Presidential Debate?

A lot is being said about what critical domestic issues the debaters did not engage in last night while they argued tax policy - education, unions, gay marriage, women's rights, immigration - but the topic they did not address that affects the most of people struggling is poverty. The very poor, the homeless, the working

Obama and Romney on Poverty

"The biblical prophets clearly say that a nation’s righteousness is determined by how it treats its poor and vulnerable." - Jim Wallis. This is a truth found throughout the whole Word of God, and a fundamental value of our faith. We as Christians are called to not only help the poor but to defend them

STATS: The fall of the middle class

A supporter sent us this graphic - it is non-partisan, just a truthful view of the state of suburban America since the 8 years of George W Bush. We still have much ground to make up for, a middle class to save and a country to bring out of poverty! We can't go backward any