Hold “Pro-Life” Members of Congress Accountable on Gun Violence

Hold "Pro-Life" Members of Congress Accountable on Gun Violence After another school shooting in which 17 kids have lost their lives, it is clear that no amount of bloodshed and death in America will move the hearts of Republicans in Congress to action. They care more about the donations from the NRA and the idea

Six Reasons Why Mississippians Said No to “Personhood”

There are ways we can reduce the number of abortions, as BOTH parties would like...nobody wants to see more abortions take place and we at CDOA, as Christians, are pro-ALL-life. But radical and freedom-restricting measures like this aren't the way. Only a few months ago strategists were urging their candidates in Mississippi to stay clear

Agreement on Debt Talks: Health Groups Dislike Proposals

It will take EVERYONE standing up for the values we believe in to see justice in our health system and to make sure cuts don't happen. Health care is a basic human need and right - if you are pro-life, that means you are pro-health-care-for-all! From NY Times: WASHINGTON — Budget negotiators have not found