The Authoritarian vs. the Progressive View on “Great” Christian Leadership

What is Great Christian Leadership? In the past twenty or thirty years, Progressive Christian theologians have been thinking about what makes a great leader and how to apply Christian values to leadership. This has become particularly important today in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which demands great leadership. In a number of books about

Nuns on the Bus of Truth & Justice: Interview with Sister Simone Campbell

Interview with Executive Director of Network Lobby and Nuns on a Bus movement founder, Sister Simone Campbell. Watch the video of our interview with Sister Simone on our Facebook page or Youtube! The place where real Christian values meets politics. Available on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts! Believe in our message, movement

Can Taylor Swift Save America?

50th episode of "What Would Jesus Pod?" the official podcast of Christian Democrats of America. Hosts Christina Forrester and Justin Anderson discuss current news and politics from a progressive Christian perspective. Interview with Raoul Davis, branding strategist and former political operative on the next Democratic primary and 2020 election watch. Closing remarks on hypocrisy, Pharisee-ism

The #WaronthePoor Part I – South Carolina criminalizes homeless

Below is one of many examples just over the past week of the disturbing trend, and apparent popularity in heavily Right-Wing districts, of an all-out War on the Poor in our country. Vowing to defund Obamacare. Refusal to accept the Medicaid mandate, leaving millions without healthcare and without options. Voting rights, threatening arrest to non-profits

The GOP’s bizarre ‘doomsday plan’

U.S. Air Force via Reuters If it wasn't such a serious matter, these negotiations would just be down-right hilarious! Some members of the GOP are seeming to be willing to compromise, which is some progress, but the majority are still arguing the same old points of how horrible raising tax rates for the