Obama continues debt talks with Democrats, then Republicans

We are beginning to support the idea of NO deal except to raise the debt ceiling until the 2012 elections - give us all a chance to elect more Dems into the House and Senate and regain majority (and not just any Dems, but ones who will stand with the people and defend Medicare, Medicaid,

Obama rejects short-term debt deal, urges compromise

Any plan that includes cuts hurting the nation's poor and the middle class, but helping the nation's most wealthy is unacceptable - we pray President Obama and congressional Democrats stick to that rule/value. Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama ruled out any possibility of signing a short-term extension of the federal debt ceiling Monday, insisting

Robin Hood…in Reverse

The local and federal GOP are trying to push tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate greed while proposing major cuts to programs for poor people, sick people, senior citizens and education. We pray President Obama and the Democratic leadership stand firm. Also please watch this great interview today on the topic: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/43569914#43569914. From MSNBC: By

For blacks, a health care divide

We know there is an unjust and immoral economic divide in the country when it comes to health care - this article makes a good case for an obvious racial divide as well. Health care is a human right! America will not be blessed as we could be until all people have opportunity for health,