The Woman Card – by Author Linda Seger

When it comes to equal rights and equal respect for women, it's so important for Christians to play "The Woman Card." What does this mean? It means understanding how Jesus was the first to break sexist stereotypes and following His lead to help women succeed across the globe. There are many examples in the Bible of Jesus breaking all

Christian groups pressure lawmakers to protect the poor in debt talks

From the article: "The religious leaders said Tuesday that they were reviewing the latest proposals from Reid and Boehner for steep cuts to the federal budget. They expressed concern that both plans appeared to endorse trillions of dollars in cuts that, according to the church leaders, would most likely hit the poor hard." And THAT

Can cause of social justice tame our culture wars?

LOVE this article and consider CDOA a part of this movement bringing Biblical change in our country...But this isn't a NEW "Jesus movement." It is the original, scriptural, back to the basic truths of His teaching, movement....and REVIVAL! "The poor will NOT always be with us!" Thus proclaims a freshly launched Christian campaign to end

News Flash Paul Ryan: This is Mass Unemployment, Not a Siesta

This is a wonderful blog from Elizabeth Palmer, writer for Sojourners, that we had to share with you. The moral and spiritual implications of the proposed budget cuts from Republicans would be far-reaching and unacceptable in America. Jesus took this kind of thing seriously, and we as his followers should also. Proverbs 17:“He who mocks

The Dark Underbelly of Fundamentalist, Charismatic Christianity

Many of you will find you can relate to this blog - and whatever your conviction on scripture and homosexuality, we have to stand with the truth of the scriptures living the CHARACTER of Christ - that's what true righteousness is, not just "moral sin." How we treat others, love others who disagree with us,