What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 30: Interview with Michael Coren, Author of “Epiphany: A Christian’s Change of Heart & Mind Over Same-Sex Marriage”

In this episode: Interview with British-Canadian columnist, author, public speaker, radio host and television talk show host Michael Coren (http://michaelcoren.com) Overview of current news and issues from a left-leaning Christian perspective  A week in review: What's happening with the Religious Right? Dear "Pro-Life" Christians: Republicans are Using You. And Lying to You. If you like

What Would Jesus Pod? Ep 29 – “No More Deaths” Rep Speaks Out After Volunteers Arrested for Giving Food, Water to Immigrants

Volunteers place water-bottles in the desert In this episode: Interview with a representative of the "No More Deaths" organization, who had 4 volunteers arrested and charged with misdemeanors for giving humanitarian aid to immigrants. Over 100 human beings died in this part of the desert in 2017, yet the Trump administration is criminalizing

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 27: Conversation with John Pavlovitz – the Real “War on Christmas” Is Not What You’ve Heard It Is

Order the new book: "Hope and Other Superpowers" at JohnPavlovitz.com In this episode: Conversation with Pastor, author, speaker John Pavlovitz  What we learned in our trip to the San Diego border - Caravan of Compassion update The real meaning of "Merry Christmas" See you next year! More on the "Wall of Voices" project