The “What Are Your Values?” campaign is our Values Blog, Vlog, a music video and CDA new video, and YOU working together with us to begin a dialogue in the country about what TRUE Christian Values are all about. Christian Values have been given a bad stereotype as being about hatred, abuse and judgement. But with your help, we are proclaiming again the Good News of the Gospel and taking BACK “Christian Values” for what they truly are. 

Videos: Produced by Emmy Award winning production company Sales Creative in Nashville, TN – “What Are Your Values?” is a song about social justice and compassion, written and recorded by Christina Forrester, CDA founder and president ( We will also have a new introductory video to CDA on our homepage the same day.

Values Blog: New blogs are alive and well and we are looking for contributing writers – if you have something to say, post it and let us know!

Values Vlog: We are conducting interviews around the country with politicians, leaders, pastors, and your average American about Christian Values, all different topics each time. Subscribe and share at
Please share with your networks and let us know if you’d like to help out and be part of the campaign!